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24 MAY 1909 - SWANSEA


Sighting,UFO,Lights,Cigar shape

A Swansea police-constable has supplied an official statement that he saw distinctly from Port Tennant at 11.30 at night an airship going in a westerly-direction at a great speed, with a powerful light.

Police-constable (111) Williams reports that at 11.15 on Monday night, whilst standing at the tram terminus, Port Tennant, in company with a man named Bell, the latter noticed a light moving in the air, and drew the police-constable's attention to it.

After a little while the airship was noticed passing along in a north-westerly direction at a great speed. The light attached to the airship was exceedingly bright, and was located under it.

The airship was at such a height that it was impossible for the observers to give a good description of it, and it passed out of sight.

To make sure they were not mistaken they sought the assistance of Police-constable Johnstone. That officer avers that he saw a bright light, but he will not swear that it was an airship.

The incident was reported in the police occurrence book.

Source: 'Weekly Mail' 29 May 1909.

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