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24 JUNE 2020 - PYLE



1.20 AM. Clear night. Slight moonlight.

A witness was laying in bed, suffering from insomnia and gazing through the window at the stars. A large bright silver/white craft passed his field of view, travelling east to west. It took 2-3 seconds to pass his window. He estimated it was within a half a mile of his house, over the sand dunes moving towards Port Talbot. The size of the object was estimated as two double-decker buses. A sound he cannot describe was heard, but definitely not the high pitch of a drone or the roar of a military jet. There were no lights and no engine vapour trail.

He quickly ran to find the nearest thing he could to draw it on - a sheet of wet 'n dry sandpaper with chalk. He does not believe in UFOs but cannot explain what he saw. The moon was weak, not casting a reflective light, yet the huge object was very bright. The clarity of his view was compared to seeing an overhead plane through binoculars and in full detail. The thing that struck him was the lack of welds or rivets to be seen. He said it was like a single material without joins.

He asked his friend, Mark Evans to report it for him, who said that the witness is a reputable friend who had sworn on his family's lives that he definitely witnessed something he cannot explain.

Source: Facebook: UFO Sightings in Wales 24 June 2020.

Location on map is approximate.

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