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Saturday 24 December 1977 was a very clear day with brilliant sunshine. At about 3.30 PM Mrs Ann Gillian Simms of 28 Dale Road was collecting some washing from her garden when she happened to glance over to her left and saw what she described as a 'thing in the sky'.

'I got the impression that it wasn't very high. It was slightly smaller than the sun in size but a different shape. It was oval-shaped, completely smooth and very well defined. It didn't seem far away. It was a flattened circle really - flatter than an oval in fact. I thought it reflected the sun - it looked metallic.

It was silvery in colour. It was moving slowly, and I watched it for some minutes before it finally became a pinprick and disappeared from view. The thing that struck me was that there was no sound at all from it. It was definitely not a helicopter. I stayed and watched it until it went out of sight.'

Mrs Simms's husband, in fact, was a helicopter pilot at Brawdy NATO base at the time. What she saw was therefore a matter of professional interest to the whole family.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 page 165.

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