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4 AM.

Police Constables David Holder and Graham Banks saw a strange light in the sky while they were on a patrol in Goldwire Lane, Monmouth. Chief Inspector Keith Harris of the Monmouth sub division of Gwent Police gave details of their report to the Western Mail.

"It was about the size of a star and flickered blue and white with occasional red flashes. It was briefly seen to split into three white lights and then back into one light. It was moving from left to right, up and down and in both clockwise and anti-clockwise circles.

They watched if for approximately 20 minutes. Then two red lights were seen to fall from the object towards the ground. Later they saw it move upwards very quickly, rising at approximately 45 degrees. It then disappeared. Two or three minutes later they saw a bright flash of light in the ground area where the two red lights appeared to have fallen."

A minute or so later they saw a bright blue light at the spot. It then soared into the air and moved off to the north-west.

Duration of sighting: 30 minutes.

Source: 'Western Mail' Friday 24 September 1982.

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