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Sighting,UFO,Lights,Cigar shape

Around 6.30 PM. Clear moonlit evening.

The witness was travelling home from work, sitting in the passenger seat of his works' van after working on a flood clearance job in North Wales. They were heading south on the A470 from Betws-Y-Coed and entering the Snowdonia National Park and stopped at a set of temporary traffic lights at some road works which were on red. He spotted a set of white triangular lights to the east on their left.

The lights seemed to be up on an embankment between the van and the silhouette of a higher hill in the distance. At first he assumed it was a train travelling horizontally as if on a straight track, but it then rose at an angle of about 25 degrees and started to angle towards the west towards them. Sight of the lights was then lost as they disappeared overhead.

The witness said nothing to the driver of the van throughout the sighting, and the driver did not see it. As the witness scratched his head in confusion, the red traffic light turned to green and they continued south through the park.

They travelled for another 5 minutes and were in a flow of traffic travelling at about 45 mph when the driver said, "What the f##k is that?" at which point, two bright lights came into view from a north-easterly direction and flew over the road in front of the van at an approximate height of 200 feet, perhaps less, at a distance away of about 300 feet.

Even though it was dark, it was clear enough to see that the lights were part of the same craft as they could see the silhouette of its body, which was an elongated rectangle with the lights at either end. After it flew across the road in a south-easterly direction it then did a banking manoeuvre towards the south-west. The whole craft then seemed to glide at great speed to the west and disappeared behind hills about a mile away, a distance covered by the object in seconds.

Duration of this second sighting was about 7 seconds. There was no sound from the object and at no time were navigation lights seen coming from any part of the craft, and no burn or thrust illumination was visible. The two men could not come up with any rational explanation as to what they had just witnessed and both agreed after a lengthy discussion on the remainder of the journey home that what they had seen was a UFO.


Location on map is approximate position of the first sighting.

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