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23 MAY 2015 - BARRY



10.30 PM.

Barry resident, Jeanie Rebane had an unusual UFO experience while driving her car home. She noticed two craft when she was driving down Salisbury Road, Barry in a south-westerly direction.

'I was about halfway down when suddenly this plane/craft/UFO with a wing span of nearly the width of the street, and so low it was just above the rooftops, was coming towards me.'

The object was on an opposite course, heading north-east and straight towards her, but at roof-top height. Jeanie stopped the car just before the junction with Bell Street on the left, to face this object which covered the road in front of her, about 20 metres ahead, and about 20 feet above the road. It reached from one side of the road to the other, almost touching the roofs of the houses on either side of the street.

'Then I saw there was another one just behind it that appeared to be following it. There was barely any noise and both were moving very slow.'

This second object came up a second or two behind the first one, and, like the lead object, stopped to take up position over the road, above and behind the first one. Her view of them from the front showed dark thin bodies with 4 large white lights on each one, 'about the size of lorry wheels' arranged in a line - one at each end, and the other two just inside.

Two small red lights were also visible on each one, each on the lower inner edge of the two inner large lights.

'I was transfixed as they were so big.....'

After a moment or two with Jeanie staring at the two objects, she reached to get her phone to take a photo, and as she did they moved off in unison, and as one, in a sweeping motion over the houses to the right, and dropping down into the valley of Porthkerry Country Park which lay to the right of the road, behind the houses. The objects made no sound throughout.

'... I couldn't see any cabin or even the shape or body of plane just the huge big white lights, also it has smaller red lights underneath. It was awesome but freaky!'

Source: Jeanie Rebane's own Facebook post; witness interviewed on site by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams, May 2016.

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