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23 MAY 1909 - LLANRWST



A Llanrwst correspondent writes:

'About 9.45 pm on Sunday several Llanrwst people had a protracted view of a mysterious airship. A dim light was first observed approaching the town from the direction of Snowdon.

The aerial visitor, however, having for a few seconds hovered over Gwydr Castle, the Welsh seat of Lord Carrington, served to the left and rose to a higher altitude and followed the range of mountains in the direction of Trefriw. It was then seen that the vessel showed a yellowish light in front and behind and the distance between did not seem more than 12 or 15 ft.

Owing to the darkness the shape of the vessel could not clearly be defined, it however, travelled at considerable speed. It hovered for a few seconds over Dolgarrog Aluminium works, where it dipped considerably and threw a bright light on the mountain-side beneath. The machine then ascended to a great height and continued its flight until it disappeared over the mountain in the direction of Llandudno.

The machine was exposed to view from 9.45 pm to 10.15 pm and during that period travelled at least 13 miles.'

Source: 'North Wales Weekly News' Friday 28 May 1909.

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