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Between 6 and 6.30 AM. Clear sky.

The witness, a man (wishes to remain anonymous) was at home where he lived with his parents in Grafog Street, Port Tennant.

He was having a restless night's sleep and for some reason had a strong thought about his Jack Russell dog, and so decided to get up and go downstairs to check on him. He has a strong bond with the dog and believes he has a way of letting him know when strange things occur, such as the time when the dog was 6 months old he started barking at a corner of the kitchen.

When he'd got downstairs he saw that his other dogs were asleep but the Jack Russell was sitting on the mat by the back door with his head down and licking his lips, as if about to vomit. One of his other dogs, who sleeps in a dog cage, couldn't wait to be let out, so the man opened the back door and let that dog out. The dog shot out like a bullet. The Jack Russell, still licking his lips, went to his bed and didn't venture outside the door.

The man went outside to see if anything was wrong. Something caught his eye and looked up into the sky to the north-west. He noticed a light high up in the sky. It looked just like a bright start at first, but he had never seen it before so kept looking at it. The dog was sniffing about as if there was a rabbit around. Suddenly the bright light got bigger, as if coming closer.

The witness now thought that it might be a plane or helicopter, but then discounted this as it was moving too fast and was silent. He watched as it came shooting in towards him, 'this thing could shift', passing over Port Tennant a couple of houses to the south, heading east. He was amazed by the fact it was silent and wondered how it was that it was staying in the sky. He noticed now that it was a round disc-shaped object which had three white lights at the front, with two white lights at the rear, with red and green lights on the sides.

The lights were going in sequence around the craft.

He said, 'It wasn't huge I couldn't really estimate how big but I'd say it wasn't far off the length of my parents garden or a little bit smaller. It wasn't high at all probably could have hit it with a good throw of a stone.' It travelled towards the east at a slow speed.

'It was really low, silent and had no vapour trail, moving really slow.'

He ran into the house to get his iphone.

He tried to turn on the camera application but it was frozen and wouldn't work. He then ran to the top of his garden as by now the object had passed his house. It was still low and moving away slowly until he lost sight the object as the roof of the house obscured his view of it. He went through the house to the front door and saw that it was a little higher, and was gradually ascending. He is unsure if it finally disappeared in a blink or if it moved off too fast for the eyes, but it had gone.

Source: SUFON Files: witness emails June 2017

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