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Approximately 1.30 PM to 2 PM. Clear blue sky.

Peter Yeo was outside Aldi in Gorseinon:

"There wasn't a cloud in the sky at the time. I was standing in front of the store, at the point where the car park meets the paved pedestrian area, and the entrance with the trolleys are located, where people walk from their cars."

He was looking up and noticed an object in the sky.

"I spent a few seconds looking at it and trying to decide what I was looking at. It was apparently a very large cylindrical object, very high up in the clear sky, the proportions of which were, its length was between two and three times its diameter (with circular cross section).

There was some detail on the outside, attachments, pipes or other mechanical additions. Couldn't make out what any of the detail was, but attachments were apparent. I must say that an aircraft carrier has many attachments, and to an observer, who has no connection with them in life, may not know what the attached machinery is. Just as I do not what the attachment detail of the object was functionally. It was copper or bronze in colour, a shiny metallic object.

It was at least as big as an aircraft carrier. It was travelling almost as though it was right at the top of the atmosphere. It was moving on a vector that was about 7 to 11 degrees offset from its axis, not along its axis. It occupied about 0.5 to 0.7 degrees of the sky over its length. I looked over to my right 90 to 110 degrees and there was a second identical object, also travelling in the same manner (offset from its axis) and in parallel to the first object. I watched the two objects pass so far away that the atmosphere was hindering the clear view, I think about three minutes.

Other shoppers were not apparently interested enough to look up and see what I was seeing. I would swear that the objects were on the edge of the atmosphere, and moving ballistically. I was telling myself off because my camera and binoculars were not in the car."

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 22 July 2019.

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