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8.45 PM.

Mrs Patrica James was watching television at home in Penparc, near Cardigan. Suddenly she heard a noise like the low rumble of distant thunder. It gradually grew louder, until it had developed into a very loud roar. She said:

"The sound felt as if it was penetrating my chest. I asked my husband what it could be then I decided to go outside and investigate. At first I couldn't see anything, but the noise was so intense, I decided to stay outside. I looked up at the sky, over to the right of me and then I changed my position and looed over to the left. It was then that I saw a huge triangular object travelling slowly, just above rooftop height. It was clearly a triangular shape with curved tips and there were red and blue lights on the tips."

There was a silvery bright light surrounding the craft, which was clear against the night sky. There was another object following it, with a single white flash. The triangle travelled at the same speed until it was out of sight. Mrs James reported that the object was, "Grey, but not matt grey."

The size estimate was approximately 8" wide at arm's length. The craft appeared from the North West and at a slow, steady speed, disappeared towards Cardigan in the South East [Shouldn't that be North East to South West? - E.W.]

Source: citing Omar Fowler: 'Flying Triangle UFOs: The Continuing Story' - Phenomenon Research Association 1997.

Location on map is approximate.

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