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21 JUNE 2019 - SWANSEA



Approx. 11 PM to 11.10 PM.

Nigel Harris, of Penllergaer, together with his neighbour went outside to observe Jupiter in the night sky in St. Davids Close. As they were looking at Jupiter they noticed a bright red object in the south-eastern sky. The object appeared to be to the right of Jupiter but altitude was not easy to discern. The object was stationary for what seemed to be several minutes. It then moved from right to left and left to right.

'The object moved slowly towards us remaining at approximately the same height above ground level and then stopped. The object then increased it's speed and moved around to the right of us where it stopped, remaining stationary for approximately a minute. It remained at the same height above ground level and some distance away from us.

It was difficult to judge the speed of the object. The object then returned to its original position in the sky where it remained for approximately a few more minutes before slowly descending and moving away from us in a south-easterly direction towards Swansea. The object made no sound.It was red in colour but then change to a blue colour similar to the surrounding night sky.

When the object changed colour from red to blue it began to pulse for what seemed like a few moments and then changed back to a solid red colour. The object appeared to be circular in shape. I cannot be exact about the size of the object. The sighting lasted for approximately 10 minutes. I do not have any photographs or film of the object.'

Source: SUFON FIles: witness email 22 June 2019.

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