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2.41 AM.

Lynn Murphy, 60, woke up and saw two objects through her bedroom window. One of the objects was spinning and looked similar to a "white tic tac" that had "two black crosses underneath it." Next to it was a "very clear orange circle" that was like nothing she had ever seen before.

She was shocked to discover that her friend who lived in Prestatyn had shared some images on Facebook minutes earlier of some strange objects in the sky. Lynn could now see exactly the same objects above the house opposite her window.

"At first I thought it looked like a giant star that was out pf place. It was massive and looked like it shouldn't have been there. It wasn't the space station or a satellite, it wasn't an airplane or a drone - it wasn't anything I know of, it was just this bright light turning quickly."

About two weeks later Lynn discovered that a neighbour had also seen the objects that night.

"There were four witnesses that I know of. It is very intriguing. There was no noise so it couldn't have been a helicopter."

Source: North Wales Live by Lydia Morris 31 August 2020.

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