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21 JULY 2017 - HENDY



21 JULY 2017 - HENDY

9.45 PM

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous was sitting in her home in St. Davids Close, Hendy. She was in the living room looking out of the window, which faces east. She saw a number of very fast bright round objects moving very low in the sky towards her house.

She grabbed her husband who was sitting on the settee, telling him to look out quickly, and they opened the patio door and went out into the garden.

Her husband ran back into the house to get his phone to take a photo, while his wife carried on watching.

The objects changed direction and shot off high into the clouds, as the husband returned with his phone. He managed to take some photos which indistinctly records them. The objects looked red and yellow according to the witness, but this has not come out in the photos (SEE ATTACHED). There was no sound heard and the whole sighting lasted a few minutes.

The woman remembers asking her husband if he saw them, to which he answered yes. She then told him to listen, as the neighbour's dogs were barking.

The woman explained features in the photos: 'If you look closely above the house on the left with lights on above this is a circular mass which we saw moving around extremely quickly like nothing that seems possible.

Also if you zoom in and look at the middle of the photo above the middle tree in the clouds you will see about four to five smaller round masses which were moving at speed below the clouds but went into them when we took the photo.

They look like white circles in the photo as the colour not shown. To the eye they were red and yellow but you have to zoom in to see all circles.'

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