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Our thanks to Dave of Swansea Archives Service who found this for us:

From the Carmarthen Weekly Reporter of 14th February 1913:


A Schoolboy on the Sky Mystery.

It is interesting to read what a schoolboy thinks of the mystery in the sky which excited the amazement and inventive powers of explanation of adults throughout South Wales last week.

A Standard VII pupil at Kidwelly Castle Council School who saw the mysterious light many days ago wrote the following bright and intelligent description of it at the request of his schoolmaster, Mr D. O. Jones. A Mystery,

28 January 1913

Last Tuesday, as I was playing with some friends in Bridge street, my attention was drawn to some curious object, which took the form of a star, and moved slowly to and fro in the sky.

A strange thing about the object is that it did not keep its shape for a long time. When my friends and I first saw it, it was a brilliant star situated in a lighted atmosphere, and appeared to be sending out sparks in all directions.

Then it got smaller and smaller until we could only distinguish its bluish centre, which at times went out of sight. It then re-appeared and kept on disappearing and re-appearing for a very long time.

After gazing at it for some time we lost sight of it altogether, when it appeared to be going in the direction of Carmarthen. We then parted, greatly puzzled at the wonder we had seen.


10 Bridge st.. Kidwelly. 13 years.

I have since discovered that this news cutting from The Carmarthen Weekly Reporter of 14 February 1913,

was originally printed in the Western Mail Monday 10th February 1913.

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