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4.20 PM. Clear blue sky.

Nigel Charles (43) was driving along the A4067 towards Brecon (not A4167 as he states in his report). He saw in the distance what he at first thought was a helicopter tracking back and forth from the field to the road. As he got closer he was able to see the shape better. He eventually came to a halt under the object which hovered above him at a height of maybe 30 feet. There was no noise from the object.

He described the object as being triangular/dart in shape, black in colour, approximately the size of a small car (mini), with no obvious windows. Its thickness he estimated at being 8 inches. There was no sign of any propulsion, and it emitted no engine noise. Nigel turned the car engine off to listen, but there was nothing, not even a hum.

He watched it for a while and then it shot off, from a standing start, disappearing over the horizon in about half a second, again without making a sound. No other road traffic came past during the sighting.

Nigel said:

"I am an educated, professional person with a degree in astronomy, and have never suffered from hallucinations. Having spent some years in military I am able to recognise aircraft, this was something beyond anything I've ever seen, this craft allowed me to view it for some minutes it wasn't till I went to grab my camera from car that it took off too quickly for me to photograph."

Duration of sighting: 2 minutes.


Location on map is approximate.

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