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Exact date in 2016 not known - ignore '01/01' in date panel.

About 1 AM.

A taxi driver was driving his black cab along Swansea Road, Garngoch, when he sighted a strange looking object in the sky. He pulled in near the farm shop entrance in order to get a better look.

He got out of his car and saw the object was above the fields to the rear of the farm shop entrance. Its exact shape was not clear but he described it as looking similar to the vintage electronic 'Simon' game (which was inherently circular with coloured flashing lights thereon).

He estimated its size to be larger than a car. It was about 400 yards away from him and positioned in the sky at about the height of a house. It made no sound and was hovering for a few minutes. As he watched, gold-coloured sparks started to emanate from each side of it, which was accompanied by a chattering sound. It then just suddenly dematerialised.

There was apparently one other car driver who had pulled over to observe the object. he does not know this person's identity. After continuing his journey, he was aware of a military jet and a helicopter in the area of sky above him.

Source: SUFON Files. Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson April 2020.

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