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2005 – Clyne Common, Gower

Date is approximate – could be 2005 – 2008.

Around midnight to 1 AM on a Saturday night, off-duty police officer, ‘D’ was with his mother on Dan-Y-Graig Road, Port Tennant, Swansea, when they saw a bright white light descending vertically in the south-west in the direction of south Gower / Mumbles area. It was in the evening and conditions were dark.

They drove around Swansea Bay in the direction of the area that the light came down to see if they could see it.

They drove to Mumbles, returned and turned left at Blackpill along the B4436. Whilst crossing Clyne Common, as they approached Murton, they observed a huge white orb on the ground on the right hand side, about 1/3 mile distant in the middle of the common, which they watched for a time, before they left the area. The object was still there when they left.

We hope to glean some more details about this case in due course.

It is interesting to note, that the site where the object was seen on the ground, is very near to the site where two boys saw a UFO taking off from the ground on 31 August 1977.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 2 August 2015.

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