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Approximately 2000.


Katrina Rees (about 26) was driving her mother to Carmarthen railway station. They were proceeding along Bronwydd Road heading towards Carmarthen:

"We were just doing our usual trip and were approaching the narrower bendy bit of the road (there is a farm on the right hand side on the bend) and we both saw this huge dark grey oval "thing" just hovering in the trees in the distance ahead on the left of us. It was of considerable size. Really visible. We spotted it as we approached on the brow of the hill on our approach to the bend so we had to go down and around a double bend and then came out up the hill right alongside it. I knew it was big when I saw it from the distance but when we came around the bend I was shocked - it was really frightening to see it just there, I could not understand how it could be there, frozen motionless in the air, hovering where it was positioned. I knew it was not a typical plane or military etc. It was something else.'

After the experience, Katrina and her mother discussed it as they continued on their journey, all the way to the station where her mother was dropped off to catch a train home. Her mother was bewildered but went on her way. Katrina was dreading her own journey back home in the car as she didn't want to pass the object again on her own. To her relief it was not there anymore.

She called her mother later to say she'd got back safe and that the object had gone. They did not report it but did tell friends and family.

'I cannot tell you what we saw, it was not the sort of shapes people talk about like cigar shape nor a disc, it was longer than its height, some curved elements and just looked like a metal or darker metallic type material but it was more dull finish not shiny.... I can tell you I have no explanation at all other than its nothing we know of this earth even today that I can think of that resembled it.

Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence with Mike Maunder September 2020.

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