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Around 6.30 PM. Dark clear sky.

Roger Russell was walking along Capel Road towards Vera Road, Clydach (facing north-east up the valley).

He saw in the distance ahead of him a glowing orange light. At first he thought it was a street light, but after a moment he remembered that most of the street lights in the area had been converted to white LED.

'As I continued to watch, the object flew towards me travelling down the Swansea valley towards the city, heading towards Morriston.

What made it strange was at no time was there any sound from it. It wasn't blinking like an aeroplane or helicopter warning lights would. It was travelling faster than a helicopter but slower than a jet fighter. It passed right above me, again no sound. The road was quiet so no traffic noise.'

It reminded Roger of a boomerang in shape. He added that it was about 3 to 4 thousand feet in altitude. As it disappeared out of his view towards Swansea it passed behind some low clouds.

Unfortunately he had left his house without his phone so could not take a photo.

SUFON's Emlyn Williams was struck by the similarities to a sighting reported the previous year. He showed Roger the photo of the object seen, by coincidence from Capel Road, Clydach in late October 2015. Roger said that the object that he saw looked the same as the one in the photo.

Source: SUFON Files: witness email November 2016.

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