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3.15 AM.

Friends, Liam Allcock (17), Goerge Bliss (17) and Haydn Simpson (16) were on a balcony at the rear of a house in Myrtle Road (B4317), Ponthenri which looks north-west over the Gwendraeth Fawr valley from the southern slope of the valley. The house is the home of George, who lived there with his parents. The boys saw four objects flashing red, orange and blue lights, moving independently of each other, slowly through the sky in different directions at an elevation of about 30 degrees maximum.

Three were roughly in a loose triangular formation, and one was low near the horizon. The witnesses looked through binoculars and noticed that the objects were roughly teardrop-shaped lying horizontally, and were white and flickering red, orange and blue. There was no sound.

The lower object moved up and down and dipped below trees on the horizon several times. The horizon was the crest of the ridge between the Gwendraeth Fawr and Gwendraeth Fach valleys, and the objects were either over the ridge itself, or further away, maybe over the Gwendraeth Fach valley in the vicinity of Meinciau. They watched the objects for over an hour, George starting to feel a bit paranoid. The boys eventually went indoors while the objects were still in view.

Source: SUFON Files: Liam interviewed on line by Emlyn Williams 22 July 2016, and all three boys interviewed by Emlyn Williams on site 27 July 2016.

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