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8.35 PM. Michael Hopkins: "I was on my way home to Pontypridd from a friend's house in Cardiff and took a route along the A4054 as a change from the more direct route, the A470.

As I was approaching the Coryton interchange, Junction 32, on the Pendwyallt Road, I noticed some stationary lights in the sky approx above the Morganstown quarry and Pentyrch. I pulled into the access road for the Village Hotel, and stopped my car and got out for abetter view.

I saw a triangular object with a blue light on the far left corner, a red light on the far right corner and a slowly flashing red light in the centre of the triangle.

The near corner was in darkness and did not have a light, but the shape of the corner could be clearly seen every time the centre light flashed on. I turned to reach into my car for my phone with the intention of taking a photograph, but when I turned back with phone in hand, the object had gone.

There was no sign of lights moving away anywhere. I estimate that from initial observation of the object until its disappearance would have been around a minute. It must have been a cloudy night as no stars were visible."

Source: SUFON Files - witness email 10 January 2018.

Location on map is approximate position of object according to the witness.

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