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5.30 PM.

A disc-shaped object with a flat base and domed shape, which was glowing white was seen flying very fast and at a low altitude, making a circuit around the valley.

It was witnessed by three schoolboys - Lee Holt, Sydney McLoughlin and Carl Jones, who were playing by a nearby lake in Cwmtillery. They saw a bright light coming down the hillside, and one of the youngsters Lee Holt drew a picture of the object. "It was really low in the sky, clipping the tops of trees. It circled above our heads a number of times then flew off really quickly," Lee Holt stated.

"It was silver and disc shaped with a domed top with luminous lights and about the size of a car but it made no noise" Lee added. A few minutes later it vanished. Then a huge fireball came down by a nearby farm. "We had been really scared because we thought that whatever the object was had come to take us away," Lee added. Lee Holt's mother Melinda told the paper that the boys had been terrified when they arrived back at her home shortly after the sighting.

Source: citing L. Williams-Davies - NUN 162 / 'UFO Wales' David L. Richards 2012 page 79

citing 'South Wales Argus' 9 November 1989.

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