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9.43 PM.

'I was upstairs on my computer when a light in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I immediately thought the object was a drone however it moved at such speed and potentially produced a jet-like sound. I then believed it to be an aircraft which was unusual, being it was low in altitude as it was and visible in front of the nearby hills.

The object had exceptionally bright lights, too bright to be a drone and stood out well near streetlights and stars. I have seen drones in this area and it definitely was not one. They seem star-like in comparison.

There was one red and one green static light with a white strobe and white static lights. I do not believe it to be an aircraft for its speed, altitude, direction change and that all lights were visible from all directions. It changed speed from west to south very rapidly which mimics the shape of the valley (although the valley is half a mile wide). It then continued on until the end of the valley approx. 1.5- 2 miles long.

I only managed to get one picture since it was only visible for 8-10 seconds maximum and still managed to cover the length of the valley. The sound may have not been from this object as the area contains a flight path. I checked Flight radar 24 and the only nearby aircraft was airbus cruising at 23000 feet. I do not believe it to be a drone as it was completely static in angle while turning and again moved at quite a speed.

Even with having my phone nearby and having a camera shortcut enabled, I was only able to capture one photo as it had moved out of range within that time.

My immediate reaction was shock as the combination of lights and speed was quite surprising in the dark of night. I almost immediately grabbed my phone and turned on the camera through a shake shortcut and took a photo. By the time I could take one, the object was almost out of visible range for my eyes. I lost sight of the object after it went behind the hill at the south end of the valley (I am located far north).


Location on map is approximate.

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