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About 9.30 PM. Dusk. Grey clouds, not dark.

Kat was in Ogmore-By-Sea with a friend, located on the Ogmore-side of the River Ogmore, sitting looking over Porthcawl to the west. They suddenly saw above them, over the mouth of the river, behind the grey clouds, a massive saucer-shaped object, with a white glow shining around its edges.

'Now normally I'd say that it was just darker clouds forming in behind it. But it was rather windy and the clouds were moving fast and the shape stayed hovering in one place. Suddenly it seemed to get smaller as if it sped away very quickly.

Then there was like a few bright lights behind the smaller shape and then it vanished. We were watching it for about 10 mins before it disappeared. After it left there wasn't a single dark cloud in the sky.... It was like a massive cloaked dark-like cloud, black almost. With bright white lights around the rim I think..... It shot backwards towards Porthcawl.

There was a couple of bright orange/red flashes and it just disappeared. But it must have gone further past Porthcawl as it got small compared to what it was over us. As for noise it was so windy up there that all you could hear was the wind. I would have taken pics but my phone kept freezing or the service would go and if I got the camera up it would go back to home screen. So didn't get a chance. And my friend's phone was dead.'

Kat added that the object was a lot bigger than a plane, and she thought it was really low. She thought it was as if it had an invisible shield and if you were looking up you wouldn't notice it was there as it was getting dark.

Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence via Facebook.

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