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Swansea at about 8:20pm a message came in and a person said he'd seen a bright round object with reflecting sunlight off its metallic body.

Said the path it flew was a fixed trajectory and that it moved at a speed which was comparable to a plane viewed at cruising altitude, the location is fforestfach, Swansea.

Portions of Message "It was reflecting the sunshine so I assume a metallic object"

"It had no variation or wobble in its movement at all so I can rule out a balloon and I’ve never seen a drone made of a highly reflective shiny metal!"

"I had my young son sleeping on me at the time and by the time my wife had got to the window with her phone it had moved out of view behind trees!"

"Very strange and have never witnessed anything like it! Thought I’d get a message over to you guys as you seem to be the ones documenting these events over Swansea!"

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