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About 2 AM?

Peter Lane (48) was at home in Gowerton and spotted a light moving at a steady pace roughly south to north. At first he thought that it was a satellite. Withing 30 seconds of spotting it he saw:

'..... what looked like an explosion at first. Then a beam of light erupted from it (white light).'

The beam touched the ground or water on the Loughor Estuary (west of Gowerton).

At the same time the beam swept in a straight line across and directly at the witness. He stood in his porch and: 'held me there for about 2 seconds'.

It then blinked off. The main light then began to slowly bend its course towards the moon. Once the turn was made it instantly increased in speed and 'was gone in a blink'. [The moon on this date was in its first quarter and sets at 01.44, so presumably was westward of the witness's position and close to setting - in which case the time he says is mistaken by at least 15 minutes - E.W. (SUFON)]

Duration of sighting: 2 minutes.


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