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7.40 PM. Cold clear night. Light snow on ground.

Sion Jones was walking his dog around a field on the edge of Caernarfon. He watched as a satellite made its way slowly through the night sky when a bright light caught his attention. It seemed to switch on as he turned to look. The light was located across the Menai Straits above Anglesey, roughly in a position between Llanidan and Dwyran).

"What I saw was an orange light, circular with undefined edges about the size of a match head at arm's length (larger and brighter than any star or planet). It had a definite translucent quality - such a crisp, vibrant sort of orange. I compared the colour to the orange street lamps in the distance and it was a deeper orange, an almost red hot coal orange. Within this colour was some dark/black areas which seemed to be writhing around. Not unlike pictures we see of the sun."

At first it seemed stationary, but it got gradually larger and appeared to be heading in his general direction. This lasted around 30 seconds. Sion said he was sure it was not a Chinese lantern as there was no flickering and the colour was stronger and brighter than a lantern. The light then abruptly changed its course without slowing down. It veered off at a sharp angle and headed off into the distance, heading over Llanddwyn beach area (western Anglesey) and out of sight over the Irish Sea.

"I instantly phoned some family members to tell them what I had seen. As I was on the phone relating the sighting the light appeared once more! It appeared in the same place as the first time and again travelled towards me at a steady speed (about the speed of a helicopter) and gradually got larger as the first one did. But then it veered off on a tight angle without slowing down and off into the west again. But this time it stopped abruptly and then split into two lights! One sat next to the other for a good ten seconds or so before they both finally faded out. They made no sound, changed speed and trajectory and changed shape. No Chinese lanterns look like this and no aircraft I know of flies like this - not to mention split into two! It may be worth mentioning that RAF Valley is on Anglesey. It was an incredible sight. Very enigmatic! I feel lucky to have seen it."


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