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Sighting,UFO,Lights,Saucer,Cigar shape

2 AUGUST 2010 – PYLE

5:30 PM. A motorist was driving on the A48 towards Pyle – but the account does not say from which direction.

“I was driving home from work on what was a sunny summers evening.

A silver shaped object which looked like a disk flew across the road at a high speed towards the south, out towards the sea. There was only a light breeze so it could not have been a large balloon caught in the wind. I pulled my car up along the roadside and got out to take a look.

I took a look around for 5 minutes but the object was gone. The road runs adjacent to the busy M4 so I wonder if anybody else saw the object?

The object was about what looked like 1000 ft above the ground, and I would say that it was as big as a small car.”


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