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2 MAY 1978 – SWANSEA

9.50 PM. David Cox, the local manager of the Sun Alliance Insurance Co. Was driving through Townhill with his wife. As they were proceeding along Powys Avenue, they saw an object in the sky.

David Cox: “We saw a light travelling quickly from my right towards Penlan from town. It was fairly high up and moving at a fairly high speed” [should be left to right as he was heading west – as described further]

At first he thought he had also seen a red light on the craft and believed it to be a plane – or it might have been a helicopter when it stopped in the sky above Graiglwyd Square, and hovered.

“It went slowly up and down and backwards and forwards. It appeared to be like three of the five balls of the Olympic sign, and gradually it hovered and dropped and disappeared behind a house.”

Closer to home, in Warwick Road, Derwen Fawr, they saw the object again, which was a dull white light, hovering over the Clyne Valley, Killay and Dunvant. At about 10.13 PM the light “just went out” and the object disappeared.

Air traffic control at Swansea Airport said there were no aircraft in the area at the time.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Wednesday 3 May 1978.

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