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Detective Sergeant Michael Troake and Detective Constable Gethin James were carrying out enquiries into a spate of burglaries.

Mike explained that they were based in Morriston Police Station, and had gone to visit a member of the public in a house at the top of Maes-yr-Haf [Y Gefnen, which leads off it], Trallwn , and had just come out of the front door, which was at the top of steps, which faces south-west, with good views down the Swansea Valley.

Mike said, "Good God, what the hell is that?" Gethin replied, "It's like two football pitches", to which Mike said, "It's like the whole length of Woodfield Street" [the main street in Morriston].

Mike described it as being rectangular, with flashing blue lights arranged along the sides, and there were two blue triangular lights at the rear - all part of one object, moving slowly towards them from the south-west.

It was about a half a mile to a mile away from them in the south-west, moving from the Landore area. It was blocking out the stars behind it. They were looking up at it at an angle of about 45 degrees.

There was no sound from the object. When it was roughly over the Winch Wen area, it slowly turned to the left (the object's right) and shot off to the south, towards Swansea Bay.

They heard over their police radio that many reports were coming in from the public, about seeing unidentified objects in the sky. There were a number of calls from the Port Tennant and St. Thomas area.

About two hours later, back at the station, they received a phone call from the RAF at Uxbridge, and were interviewed separately. They were asked the same prepared questions, such as description, size, what did it do, etc.

Later BBC Wales telephoned and asked Mike for an interview, but he declined, fearing that they would be ridiculed.

Source: SUFON Files: Mike Troake interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 31 October 2016.

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