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6.15 PM

Driving Instructor, Orllwyn Jones was leaving his house, 20 Long Oaks Avenue, Sketty, Swansea, to collect a pupil on a lesson. As he left the house, he suddenly became aware of a black triangular object, approximately the size of a family saloon car, slowly crossing the sky above the house next door.

The object was blacker (or darker) than the evening sky; had a small tube protruding downward from each corner and each tube had a small but bright light at the tip. The object had insufficient height (or depth) to be a manned craft, as it was no more than approximately 18 inches high. Any entity controlling the craft from within would have been lying flat.

The craft was so low that he estimated it was no more than a foot or so above the roof of the house next door. The object travelled at what Mr. Jones described as “a slow walking pace”, and made an audible ‘chugging’ sound as it crossed the road toward the houses opposite in a North West to South East direction (and toward Swansea Bay). He then stated that he braced himself for what he envisaged to be an inevitable crash, as the object was so low it was going to hit the roof of the house opposite his own.

However, this object seemed to adjust its height as necessary and simply skimmed over the roof opposite, missing the ridge tiles by a matter of inches. It then seemed to descend back down and below the level of the roof opposite, and out of Mr. Jones’ sight.

The witness stated that it was definitely a solid, tangible object, and was definitely under intelligent control of some sort. He wanted no publicity at the time and shared his experience with family only. His son, Phil Jones came forward only after the death of his father in 2012, and he kindly met members of SUFON in 2015 to share his father’s experience.

Source: posted 27 August 2013; SUFON Files: Witness's son, Phil Jones interviewed by SUFON 2015.

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