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6.15 PM

Brothers Milan and Byron Baljak, age 32 and 28 respectively, and friend Roger Williams, 32, were standing outside Gorseinon & District Working Men's Club on Brighton Road, Gorseinon, waiting for it to open to play snooker. Looking above them towards the east, a row of lights about 50 feet up came over the roofs of houses on the other side of the road (east of them). The lights were small, dim blue-white and numbered about a dozen and arranged in a line, moving from their left to right (south).

They realised that the lights were on the same object as it started to turn, and could see that it was a huge black triangle, with more blue-white lights along each side. Its size, Milan compared to two jumbo jets, but was unable to estimate its thickness. As it turned, slowly drifting towards the east, and away from them, it tilted slightly, all the small bluey lights going off and they could make out a red circular light on the top of the object near the front apex.

There was no sound and it just ‘floated’, slowly moving away from the witnesses, who then crossed the road to stand under it and followed it a short way down a side alley between the terraced houses on the left and a brick building on the right.

It moved away further in the direction of Penllergaer in the east and they watched as it disappeared out of sight. The duration of the sighting was about 5 minutes. The men returned to the club, talking about it to each other, Roger and Byron going inside to phone the local radio station, Swansea Sound, leaving Milan outside, who kept a look out in case the object returned.

Milan then saw two more black triangular-shaped craft, smaller than the first, and again about 50 feet up, one travelling one way down the road, and the other on a parallel but opposite course moving up the road.

Again, no sound was heard, the objects displayed lights, and reflected the glow from the street lighting. They did not rotate, and when they both reached a certain point after travelling half the length of the street, both reversed their course and passed each other again above him.

They once more reversed and passed, stopped and slowly drifted off together to the south, over the shops in the main street at the bottom of the road.

Roger also phoned the South Wales Evening Post and was told that reports had come in from all over south Wales. Milan was so affected by what he had seen that when he went home later, he burned his entire collection of UFO books in the garden, and went to sleep with blinds down and curtains closed. The following day, he said there was a tremendous amount of military aircraft flying around the area. He went to the Swansea Sound studio to talk about what he had seen that day.

Source: SUFON Files: Milan Baljak interviewed by Emlyn Williams 4 June 2015.

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