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19th January 1983 - Night of the Triangles - Skewen/Neath




At 5 45 on January 19th 1983 my children drew my attention to the objects in the sky, they were travelling very slowly across the sky and flashing colours.

They hovered over the BP oil refinery , for a few minutes and then travelled very slowly towards Swansea , hovered over Kilvey Hill area and then travelled back towards the oil refinery, while this was happening over the Neath area there was a large red moon shape in the sky, this was glowing red like a large searchlight.

How did object disappear from view – very fast across the bay

What was main feature during sighting - they were hovering, very slowly, no noise

How many people at same time saw the objects – 7 – my husband, 2 boys and my 2 next door neighbour`s and their children.

Give a brief description of the objects - 3 forming triangle, Flashing lights yellow and red, no sound, triangle shape , sharp or fuzzy, sharply defined, brightness , very bright.

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