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19th January 1983 - Night of the Triangles - Llandaff

Llandaff, Cardiff


Around 7pm

Near Llandaff

Mr`s G was in the car with her husband and a Dr D is a medical man without a car, It was the job of Mr G to drive such people in the Cardiff area to their emergency calls, such was the situation on this evening as they drove on the snaking road into Llandaff that parallels the river.

Just ahead of them Mr G saw a bright flashing light that he took for an aircraft, he pointed it out to his wife and Dr D and commented on it`s brightness. But as they drove more or less towards it it seemed to be stationary. After about 2 minutes they took a right turn over a bridge and across the river and now found some parkland to their left and large tennis courts in the center.

The UFO was hovering directly over these courts and plainly not an aircraft, Mr G slowed the car right down and pulled over to the side of the road, but such traffic was passing by and people on the pavement.

None of them seemed to be even slightly interested in the behaviour of Mr G or his passengers, in slowing on a dangerous bend, nor of the giant UFO hovering right beside them.

They acted as if oblivious to it all.

Mr`s G see`s this as the most peculiar thing, she says that they lost all awareness of the traffic and people and focussed on the UFO, only it and them existed and time stretched out. She thinks this phase of the encounter lasted four or five minutes but she cannot be sure. Time lost all meaning.

This effect and plus the inexplicable blindness of the many passers by is what I call The Oz Factor and it demonstrates that the UFO was essentially a subjective consciousness phenomenon.

Mrs G emphasises this seemingly strange conclusion. She says as they rounded the bend, passed over the bridge and drew alongside the object, it seemed to defy the laws of perspective. At no point did it alter it`s orientation towards them, it remained stationary at all times.

The suggestion is that there was something there in the sky, since others saw it in various locations , as the MOD report demonstrates at least some of these others saw it merely as a light. Mr and Mrs G and Dr D all agree what they saw was a huge triangle.

It was hovering at a height guessed as 1,000ft . The apex of the triangle was pointing towards them but it was angled at such a way that the underside was in view, a steady red light was in the center and white lights (now steady) poured out from the sides.

This lit up the underside which appeared to be a light metal, Structure and rivets within were seen in reflective glare. The size of the object was two or three times that of a full moon.

Dr D had to make his emergency call so Mr G dropped off his wife at a spot near by, close to their home. She dashed inside and brought her children to the door, but the ufo that was visible just three or four minutes before was now nowhere to be seen.

Mr G had sheepishly admitted the morning after their encounter that at about 5pm (two hours before the Llandaff sighting), he had seen what looked like the same object in the semi light conditions and for a brief moment had observed it`s shape quite clearly. He had decided not to say anything when they saw it again until he found the courage to do so.

Source = Bufora bulletin No15 Dec84/Jan85

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