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Sighting, UFO, Triangle

About 6.30 PM.

Keith Jones of Anthony's Grove, Abercanaid was just leaving home to go shopping at Asda. He was walking down to the parking bay to the car, and looked up at the stars as he often did, being a keen amateur astronomer.

"I'm a star gazer and I've got my own telescope and many books on the subject. I'm always looking at the sky, but this sighting was just pure chance. It was incredible. The first thing I do when I go out at night is look at the sky. I used to plot satellites and the time they go over. I've pointed them out various times to people, but they do not believe you can see them.

As usual, I looked up and I thought, 'Hell, that's strange.' I heard an aeroplane and at first I looked for one. I looked on other directions. I couldn't hear a sound from this other object. Then I realised the size of it. It was as big as a football field - it was triangular. At the head there was this massive bright light and that was rigid, and there were small lights around it."

Keith called his wife and his neighbours to witness it. One of the neighbours, Anthony Beynon said, "An aeroplane went over at the same time. You could see the difference in size to the two craft. The aeroplane went by and the other craft was still there and was not making a sound."

Anthony Beynon described the intensity of the lights as , "something similar to the flash of a camera. It was a fair distance across, but it was obvious that the lights were on the same object. I was telling everyone in work about it the next day, and the next thing it was in the newspapers, describing exactly the same thing, so we weren't hallucinating."

Source: The Merthyr Express 27 January 1983.

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