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Sighting, UFO, Lights, Triangle


A 15-year-old by, L. was with his mother in the back garden of their home in Laburnham Place, Sketty Park Estate, Swansea, when they saw several sets of lights in triangular formations over Swansea Bay to the south. A neighbour also saw the lights.

"The funny thing is when I saw the lights (triangles) over Swansea Bay they were so insignificant compared to what I had observed years earlier {see Summer 1977 - Olchfa School, Swansea], that I was totally underwhelmed and didn't even realise there was anything out of the ordinary until it was reported on over the next weeks.

I recall several sets of lights (just like stars) in perfect triangle formations and moving across the night sky across the bay very slowly and in sync. The sky was clear and I recall it being quite cold. I was not aware of any structure to the lights, could not estimate how big it was nor do I recall them flashing or changing. I have often thought that the lights must have been part of the same objects as they remained constant in gap/distance.

There were at least 3 separate objects (maybe more). I cannot recall why we (myself and mother) were actually in the garden - clearly something would have made us go out to look into the sky in the cold and dark.... I didn't realise that the triangles were anything other than aircraft until news articles appeared about them. I don't recall it being late but it was certainly very clear and dark (quite cold too). I would hazard a guess that it was early evening.

I really cannot recall why I went into the garden (my mum/neighbour may have called me to look). The house behind us was very close and the lights were very distant and at a high angle because we could see them over the roof (cannot see Mumbles or the sea even from upstairs window if that helps). I recall watching them for a while but as I said previously, they were nowhere near as interesting as a previous object I had seen and I think I went back into the house without any thought of them being particularly 'strange.'

The lights were going east to west - from Port Talbot direction across the bay towards Mumbles side of the bay. Very, very slow but in a definite and straight line. I can remember being far more interested when they were being reported by people in the following days."

Source: SUFON Files: Witness emails June 2017.

Location on map is approximate.

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