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Early Evening.

12-year-old Rob Williams was at home in St. John Street, Glynfach, Porth. A group of friends called on him to go out quickly to see something. He went outside, and his friends were all standing in the street looking up. He looked up to see a large black triangle hovering at an altitude of about 200 feet above them.

Rob compared it in size to that of a football field at least, with three lights, one at each corner.

"It wasn't doing anything odd in terms of lights. No flashing etc. There's no sound other than a really low hum which sort of feels electrical (no way of knowing it it was, but like when you walk past a substation). Now, I'm pretty sure the triangle was looking at Porth Colliery more than down on us. It's the only possible reason for it being there that I can think of."

Rob thought no one is going to believe them, so he ran back into the house to get his father, who then came out to see what all the fuss was about. The dad was a lorry driver at the time, and to the present has no clue as to what the object was.

The object stayed static in position for a few minutes and then moved off slowly at walking pace, heading down the valley towards Trehafod and Pontypridd, in an easterly direction. Rob and his friends followed it until the streets where they lived stopped and the object was viewed just above the mountain beyond.

"It didn't shoot off at silly speed or anything. So it sort of acted rationally, if that makes sense. I have a memory of it being reported on the front page of the South Wales Echo the next day and that the RAF scrambled jets?"

Source: SUFON Files: witness email July 2021.

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