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About 6 PM. Clear dark sky.

15-year-old Debra Brooks was with friends of roughly the same age, hanging around at the top of a flight of steps at the top of Park Avenue, a cul-de-sac terraced street on the western slope of the Lower Swansea Valley in Morriston. The steps led between some flats, down to the main road, Neath Road. Her friends were Susan Rees and a brother and sister (the latter two have since died).

Debra remembers that is pitch black at the time, with a clear sky full of bright stars. She knows it was about 6 pm because Susan had a row shortly afterwards, when returning home because she was late for tea. Debra was suddenly surprised when, looking straight up at the sky, she could see no stars, it was completely black. She then realised why. Above them, and moving slowly from west to east (from the direction of Trwyddfa Road on the top of the hill), and across the valley in the direction of Winch Wen, was a black triangle-shaped object. It was really large, about the size of two football fields, and easily covered an area from Park Avenue down to Neath Road.

It moved really slowly over them, huge and low. Debra briefly looked at her three friends, who were unaware of the object above them. She said to them, "Look at that!" They looked up, all now staring at it. The triangle displayed no lights, and moved flat-side-forward, not what you'd expect. She isn't sure if it was an equilateral or an isoceles triangle. Debra felt like it was forever while they all stared up, all in dumbfounded silence. She then felt panic and wanted to run. Her friends were doing nothing, just transfixed, saying nothing.

Debra then started yelling at her friends, "We got to go! We got to go!" There was no response, so she grabbed Susan: "She looked at me - then was 'back in the room.'" They all then started running, trying to run but Debra felt it was hard, like running in a dream. They all ran to Susan's house, on Park Avenue. They told Susan's mother what they had all just seen, but she dismissed it as nonsense, and annoyed by Susan's lateness for food.

Debra recently asked Susan if she remembered it, and was told that she did.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 2021.

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