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1998 – SWANSEA

“When I was a teenager, I was walking my girlfriend home. There was light cloud cover, very few cars on the road, and good weather.

Half way up the hill where my then girlfriend lives, I could hear a low pitched humming sound coming from over my head. When I looked up, I saw through the light cloud cover, a rugby ball-shaped yellowish light, with a lot of dim white round lights circling around it at speed.

It was moving very slowly overhead. I can remember feeling tingles all over my body and so did my girlfriend. It kept moving slowly until the lights going round it went out and all was left was the rugby ball shape in the middle.

The humming sound stopped and it just disappeared. I can’t really say how high it was, but my observations at the time then, and looking back at it now, I would estimate this thing was at least 3 football pitches in size.

The next day there were people saying that all the electrics and computers went down at the same time in a few local factories, and I remember correctly it was also on the local news the next day, and the explanation that was given is that, on the night in question there was a fun fair about 20 or so miles away, and the lights that were seen in the sky was the lights from that fair.

I live in a valley, and between where I was and where the fun fair was, I’d say it was impossible for the lights to reflect off the clouds like they said.

The dates I have given [10 October] is not accurate as it was quite some time ago, the only thing I am certain of is the year and the time, this is because my girlfriend at the time had to be in at 22:30.”

Source: uploaded by witness 2 September 2009.

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