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Approximately 11 PM.

Lisa Dandon (aged 14) saw a light over the Sugar Loaf Mountain:

"Started out as a large bright star above the Sugar Loaf Mountain. It was stationary for a long while until the star started to move across the sky.

The light went out, but as I searched the sky and then my eyes got used to the dark, I saw a triangle shape with a dark circle shape inside. When directly above us, in relation to size, it probably would have been as big as a folded A5 sheet if you held it at arms length above your head. When the UFO was in light form it moved as quick as you would expect from an aeroplane to travel. As it changed to the dark triangle it sort of moved really slowly, hovered for about 5 minutes directly above us, then continued to move slowly over the Blorenge Mountain.

Duration of sighting: 10minutes.


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