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6.20 AM.

As dawn was breaking, a 52-seater coach was picking up miners on the way to work at Merthyr Vale Colliery. The bus, which had travelled from Pontlottyn with about 18 miners on board, approached a bus stop in the council estate in Fochriw, to pick up a further 9 miners.

The nine miners were standing in the middle of the road staring up at a huge dull grey metallic cigar-shaped object, hovering motionless to the south, over the mountain towards Pentwyn.

The 18 miners on the coach got out to see what their workmates were looking at.

For several minutes they all watched the object, hovering approximately 900 yards away from them, at a low altitude,with the low sun glinting off its metallic surface. After about ten minutes the driver called them all onto the bus as they had to go to work. They all climbed aboard and drove away, turning right, out of the council estate and away from the location of the object.

One of the witnesses, Mark Allen told investigator Richard D. Hall that he estimated the size of the object was the same as three articulated lorries parked end to end. It is possible, however that the object could have been disc-shaped viewed end-on.

Source: Richard D. Hall: 'The UFO Sightings in Fochriw, South Wales' an article in 'UFO Truth Magazine' Issue 19.

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