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1977 - SWANSEA



Exact date not known - ignore '01/01' in date panel.

The witness, Jeff Rhys Jones, who had seen a bright cigar-shaped object over Swansea Bay one could morning this year, learned from a neighbour that something was over his house, not long after.

One night after 11 o'clock, a family who lived opposite his house, 18 Eigen Crescent in Mayhill, were sitting chatting in their living room. 19-year-old Jan was the first to see a flat silver disc hovering over the roof of Jeff's house across the street.

It was small enough to be able to land in Jeff's front garden if it had wanted to. She called her sister and brother-in-law to see it. As they got to the window they all saw the object shoot straight up into the sky. They ran across the road and banged on Jeff's door to excitedly tell him what they had seen.

They spent the next few nights watching out but did not see anything else.

Source: SUFON Files: Jeff Rhys Jones interviewed by Emlyn Williams 27 July 2015.

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