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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

Exact date in 1977 not known - ignore date in panel.

8 PM one evening, dark (which rules out the summer).

The witness, a 36-year-old man owned a small engineering firm, based in the old Cardigan railway station to the south of the town. He had just recently bought a polaroid camera for recording work projects and was carrying this while leaving work that evening. He was walking towards his van from his workshop across the old railway yard when a bright object in the sky caught his eye, to his left. He saw what he described as two bright white objects at a reasonable distance (possibly over the Preseli Mountains or nearer) at an elevation in the sky of about 60 degrees. They were one above the other, the top one coming in from the south and the lower one coming from the south-east.

They manoeuvred in the sky and he thought quickly and brought up his polaroid, and shooting one snap as the objects turned back at speed and each shooting off in the respective directions from whence they had come.

When he looked at the resulting photo, he was pleased that he was lucky enough to have captured both objects in the same photo. Furthermore, the slow shutter speed of the camera has recorded the objects' flight paths at the moment they turned back on their course, leaving light tracks. Camera shake can be ruled out as the each object has different trajectories.

The lower object seems to be cigar-shaped, and with a possible dome on the top! Could this be similar to what was seen landed in a field behind Broad Haven primary school? This is remarkable for the time as 1977 is well known for the West Wales 'flap' - the 'Welsh Triangle' sightings. No photographs are extant of that time, which was normal for the time. No one carried cameras around with them in normal day-to-day life, and especially not at night! The witness (now 79) wishes to remain anonymous for the time being for fear of ridicule.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams by telephone 30 October 2020.

Location shown on the map is that of the witness.

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