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Late evening.

A young couple, Brian and his fiance, Carol (18) (not real names), were in a car driven by Brian on a rough track on the east side of the Swansea Canal at Ynysforgan, and north of the Swansea District railway line which crosses the Swansea valley here on a viaduct. They had been out for the evening, and Brian was expected home at 395 Clydach Road, by his mother for 11 pm.

It was near this time that they had arrived back in Ynysforgan. They then encountered a craft, and their memories of what follows become patchy.

Brian had driven off Clydach Road down a lane between two houses on the east side, over a small bridge which crossed the Swansea Canal and followed the lane a little way along the canal (now on their right) to where he had a garage in which he kept his car. The garage was one of several located here for people living nearby.

After getting to the garage he can remember seeing the craft up above the Swansea District railway line on the embankment and viaduct which crossed the canal a little way further south.

Carol remembers a huge round craft, with many lights hovering a few feet above the ground with an open door from which there descended a stairway, the steps of which had their own lighting. She described seeing a small being with large head standing in the open doorway.

The being had skin the colour of putty, and it had large black eyes. The being had no clothing, and she remembers being told not to be afraid. She was told to climb the steps and enter the craft, which she then did. She remembers thinking as she climbed the steps that it was great that the steps were lit so she could see where she was stepping.

Inside the craft, which was all white, she can remember seeing a control panel, and saw a being - whether or not it was the same being as before she is uncertain. It was clothed this time, in a white coat. She lay on a metal table or bed, and she was struck by the fact that the metal did not feel cold. She had some kind of examination or operation, but remembers no details of this, nor of what followed until being back in the car with Brian. She cannot remember seeing Brian on board the craft.

Brian put the car away, which was his next memory after seeing the craft, and when they got to his house, his mother asked him why they were so late as he had to be up early for work the next day. Brian said, 'It's only 11 o'clock'. His mother corrected him by saying, 'No it's not, it's 12 o'clock.' They were missing an hour.

The site of the landing, and also Brian's house were later swept away in 1969 by the construction of the M4 motorway and its junction here.

The house was demolished to make way for the west on-ramp of the motorway, and the site where the craft was seen by Carol is occupied by trees and bushes on the west side of the dual carriageway (A4067 Morriston By-Pass) on its approach to the M4 roundabout.

Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewed 2016.

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