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Exact date in 1944 not known - ignore '01/01' in date panel.

Night. 16-year-old Royston Jones was waiting at a bus stop in Penywaun for a bus to Cardiff where he worked. He saw several grey glowing objects in the sky, shaped like half-moons, arranged in a line. Two were over a coal tip nearby where a pit escalator was busy tipping spoil. Royston could see small ovals of white light accompanying it. The line of grey half-moons had now formed a full circle, with a black hole in the centre, into which a black cigar-shaped object entered as if being sucked in. It seemed to Royston that it was a vortex, as eventually only the black hole remained which then expanded and sucked in the half-moons.

Gradually this hole faded into the distance. During the duration of this display, everything around the witness seemed to be absolutely still and quiet, but this was not as mysterious as it may sound, this was after all, a small Welsh valley village. Thereafter Royston started having out of the body experiences; even more disconcerting, he developed a disturbing ability to see impending disasters and the sorrows of people, an ability he hated having.

By 1987, Royston had numerous physical ailments, and badly needed a hip replacement, his particular job having aggravated some of these complaints. So he went into the hospital, being put in a ward of four. He confided in the other patients that he had foreseen this ward exactly and his operational proceedings, and he did not like it at all.

On the 17th November, 1987, he was wheeled on a trolley to the pre-operation room, where two nurses were to give him an injection. They then saw Royston rise out of his body and go through the ceiling. He saw himself 'on a bed of mercury,' with a strange thin tall being rectifying the things wrong with his body. The nurses almost fled in terror, and would have if there had not been another patient there. They they saw the top half of his etheric spirit sink back into his body, as they wheeled him into the theatre.

In the operating theatre, Royston was given another injection and put under anaesthetic; when he again felt himself floating out of his body up to the ceiling; from where he watched the entire operation. The surgeon had some students around him, and he told them: 'this man has healed himself, only his hip needs replacing.' Afterwards the surgeon came to the ward and asked Royston a lot of questions about UFOs; he explained that he had been talking about them under anaesthetic.

Royston then dumfounded him and the students by describing what they did, who had said what, and where they had stood during the operation.

Source: 'Humanoid Encounters 1930-1949' Albert S. Rosales 2016 pages 234-255 citing 'Who Are They?'

Margaret-Ellen Fry 2004 pages 118-120.

Location on map is approximate.

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