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Retired nurse Caroline Waldron (71) was walking her dog close to her home in Glan Conwy when she looked up into the night sky to see two strange 'orb-like' lights, which made no sound:

"Living here we are very used to the flight path, and these two lights weren't anywhere near it. The lights didn't flash, they were continuous red lights and looked like orbs. I was watching them as I often look up at the stars at night when walking the dog, as we have good night skies here in Glan Conwy.

After a couple of moments the UFO's or whatever they were, just turned around and disappeared behind some cloud cover and although I continued to watch, they just vanished. they way they turned around was so quick, it can't possibly have been a normal aircraft. I'm very used to seeing helicopters, military aircraft and planes, but I'd seen noting like this before. I've come forward to tell my story to the Daily Post, as I'm hoping other people may have seen the same thing as me. I realise I'm opening myself to the possibility of being ridiculed.

But I can't forget about it. I can promise people I wasn't drunk or anything like that and I am quite sane. When I told my son he just joked that the 'Russians were coming' but my husband is quite supportive. I was telling my neighbour about it who has a telescope and she told me she's also seen strange things. So there are people out there who see odd things."

Source: by Mari Jones, Reporter 28 March 2018.

Location on map is approximate.

Photos: Daily Post - Mari Jones

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