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Early morning - still dark.

Sharon Evans woke up in the early morning and got up to go into the garden and sit with a hot drink, something she often did. Before she went outside she was aware of a loud repeating booming noise, which had a rhythm which reminded her of a heart monitor. She'd never heard this before and wondered if it was the sound of a milking machine carried on the wind.

Once she was outside she could hear the sound much better. She sat and looked at the stars and soon became aware of a string of 6 very bright white identically-shaped objects moving towards her direction from the west, which meant they had come from over the Irish Sea. They were in a perfect line and same distance apart. She reckoned they were the height of the transatlantic airliners that often go over, but they were at least 5 times the size. They were square-shaped but with slightly concave sides.

She watched them for several minutes as they passed overhead towards the east and the Preseli Mountains. When they got to around the area of the mountains, each in turn exploded, one after the other, in a very bright flash - "sparkling like the brightest diamonds" is how she described it. After each had disappeared one after the other in bright flashes the booming noise stopped.

Source: Ellis Taylor, friend of the witness - report sent to SUFON 28 July 2016.

Location on map is approximate.

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