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Mr. Beriah Evans writes: - The mysterious lights which were seen in connection with the early missions of the Welsh seeress, Mrs Jones, Egryn, are once more in evidence. Recently the seeress went to South Wales, but even in the crowded Rhondda Valley the lights appear to have been visible as in the quiet seclusion of Merionethshire.

Now she has left the Rhondda and commenced a mission in the colliery districts in the Bridgend area, and here again the lights have been repeatedly seen.

Stranger still, Mr Evan Roberts, having returned from North Wales and been associated with Mrs Jones in this her latest mission, is now visited by the lights.

The Rev. David Hughes, a well-known Welsh minister, who resides at Pontycymmer, Glamorganshire, contributes to the current Genedl newspaper a signed article, in which he gives an account of the combined mission. Mrs Jones addressed a crowd of between 3,000 and 4,000 people, in the open air, and when darkness fell the audience proceeded to the Tabernacle Chapel, where Mr Evan Roberts conducted the meeting, which lasted until midnight.

Mr Davies goes on the say:- "We were given to understand that the lights had now visited the neighbourhood, and of this my wife and myself are living witnesses. We each saw the lights about the house where Evan Roberts stays.

A little after one o'clock in the morning of Wednesday last my wife and myself saw a strange light similar in appearance to the upper segment of the setting sun, and throwing out sparklets of light from its circumference crossing from side to side of an old quarry where the youths of the place had held nightly prayer meetings for a week, and where, as I subsequently learnt, a prayer meeting was then in progress.

"It soon vanished, and was followed by a ball of fire about the size of a cricket ball, which rose vertically instead of travelling horizontally as had the first seen.

"Then we saw a bar of light, apparently about nine inches (? in width), climbing the wall of the house where Evan Roberts was then staying.

"Our sensations may be better imagined than described; but that which our eyes saw; that do we testify."

Source: 'The Welsh Coast Pioneer and review for North Cambria (Abergele edition) 4 August 1905.

The 'Evening Express' of Tuesday 18 July 1905 gives an account of the meeting at Tabernacle Chapel and states that this was held on Monday (which would be 17 July 1905) and states that Evan Roberts will be staying in Pontycymmer for several days.

The Wednesday referred to above would have been 19 July 1905.

The 'Evening Express' of 21 July 1905 gives an account of Evan Roberts' meeting which lasted until midnight, but states that the meeting was held at Bethel Chapel in Pontycymmer.

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