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19 JANUARY 2012 - RHYL



10 PM.

Kirsty, Charlie, Sophie, Paige and Lily were travelling by car back to Rhyl from Prestatyn [A548], heading west, and saw in the distance at first, two bright lights that seemed to be hovering over the golf course to the right of the road just before Rhyl. As they got closer it still had not moved, so they pulled over and got out of the car to have a better look.

'We looked up at this thing in the sky which was extremely low for an aeroplane as we first thought it was!! And now we could see three lights in a triangle sequence. It started to move towards us very slowly as it got closer and now was above us, we could see the outline and the shape as it was very low maybe no more than 6 houses high!! It was a triangle shape, and made no noise whatsoever!!'

After a few moments it suddenly speeded up and vanished into thin air.

Source: reported by witness 23 January 2012.

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