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Early evening.

John Owen of St. Catherine's Road, Baglan had gone to Porthcawl RFC in South Road, Porthcawl to watch Porthcawl v Baglan rugby game.

He had got to the field early as his son was playing and was standing by the clubhouse when suddenly in the clear dark sky overhead he saw three white lights, one in front and two on the side, like a triangle with red lights on the side.

It reminded John of a Vulcan bomber in shape, but much bigger. It was moving slowly, at the speed of a helicopter, going from John's left to right - south-west to north-east towards Kenfig Hill. It was so big and low it blocked out the stars.

After it had passed, the stars came back into view. John estimated its height at 2000 feet. There was no noise - it 'just floated overhead' and seemed to take ages to get to Kenfig Hill.

John's sighting had been mentioned in the South Wales Evening Post in January 1983, where he was quoted:

'What I saw was about 600 feet from the ground, huge in size and did not have any engine noise, not like any civil or military aircraft I know.

Besides, it was only moving at about 30 mph, far too slow for an aircraft. I cannot really say what it was certainly phenomenal."

Source: SUFON Files: John Owen interviewed by telephone by Steve Drewson 26 February 2018.

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